Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brown out on Devils Food White Out Cake - TWD

This is a cake worthy of the cookbook cover - a real show stopper! I browned mine with as many of the crumbs as I could get on it -- so it's a browned out devil's food white out cake.
I ate this piece immediately after snapping the photo and found the strawberry was a perfect accompaniment. So, it's a longer walk with the dog and a couple more hours on the treadmill! Handing off the rest of the cake to my neighbors and friends.
This cake was much easier than I thought and way easier than the photograph would suggest!
Thanks to Stephanie for chosing the cake! Check out her blog at Confessions of a City Eater for the recipe for the Devil's Food White Out Cake.


  1. Pretty!! I love how fluffy the icing is!

  2. Long walks, treadmills, all worth it for this cake. Beautiful job!

  3. haha, yeah i was on the treadmill after this one. looks gorgeous!

  4. Brown or not, it is a beautiful cake. It was a good cake. Just 100 more sit-ups and I can have another bite....

  5. I don't mean to downplay your dessert (it does look sinfully delicious!) but I spied the photo of Bess on the sidebar and thought "What a CUTIE!" What breed of dog is she? I love her ears...reminds me of my little Miss Maddie.